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Download "Board Fundraising & Engagement: 10 Essentials for Success!"

Board members are an essential part of your nonprofit organization and bring high-level expertise and talent which can be leveraged to advocate and advance your organization’s fundraising and your mission. Having Board members who are actively engaged and contributing to your fundraising efforts both personally and/or through their networks is instrumental to your success. 

This downloadable guide provides you with 10 ways to significantly elevate Board fundraising and engagement:

  • Comprehend the Strategic Role of Board Members and understand how board members bring high-level expertise and talent to propel fundraising and advance organizational missions.

  • Activate board engagement strategies and discover actionable approaches to encourage board members' active participation in fundraising, both personally and through their networks.

  • Align board passion with organizational goals and learn how to cultivate and align the fervent belief of board members with your organization's mission and fundraising objectives.

  • Gain valuable insights from the Driven by Cause Podcast, Educational Webinars, and thought leadership shared by board engagement experts.

    Download this guide now to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to transform your board into a dynamic force, driving fundraising success and mission fulfillment.