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Driven by Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske

Sharna Goldseker & Michael Moody

Co-Authors of the bestselling, Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Giving


Driven By Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske is an exciting podcast dedicated to showcasing thought leaders in the nonprofit space. On our show, we sit down with prolific philanthropists and leaders in the industry and find out who they are and what has made them so successful.

Listen to David Blyer, CEO of Arreva and Jay Fiske, Co-President of MaestroSoft interview Sharna Goldseker & Michael Moodyas they uncover what is most important to the next generation of major donors and provide the strategies that you should be putting in place today to attract and retain the next generation of your organization's donors. Sharna and Michael are co-authors of the bestseller, Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving. Their research and writings on next gen donors have appeared in numerous publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and The Huffington Post. Sharna and Michael provide a candid and refreshing perspective on the new face of philanthropy, the Millennials and Gen-Xers, and share simple and innovative ways on how to communicate, engage, and build lasting relationships with the generation due to inherit over $59 trillion in the new world of philanthropy.

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