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Driven by Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske

Beth Brodovsky,

Founder of Iris Creative Group


Driven By Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske is an exciting podcast dedicated to showcasing thought leaders in the nonprofit space. On our show, we sit down with prolific philanthropists and leaders in the industry and find out who they are and what has made them so successful.

Iris Creative Group provides creative branding, marketing, and consulting expertise, as well as both online and in-person training designed to offer fast, affordable tactics and winning strategies for nonprofit marketers in today's world. They've developed a strategic and holistic approach to marketing in the new world, blending practical ideas, creative and rebranding solutions, and responsive service that is in use by organizations such as the United Way and Wharton School of Business to name just a few. They've packaged this ideology into an educational program, 'The Nonprofit Toolkit,' which has taught thousands of nonprofit organizations how to build their brand to inspire support and action while also instilling the idea that your marketing must serve your organization's strategic plan. 

Stream this episode on June 24th, 2022, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Watch a video recording of the show on our YouTube channel or sign-up now to receive your copy when it premieres! 

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