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Driven by Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Renowned Author, Consultant, and International Speaker

Driven By Cause with David Blyer and Jay Fiske is an exciting podcast dedicated to showcasing thought leaders in the nonprofit space. On our show, we sit down with prolific philanthropists and leaders in the industry and find out who they are and what has made them so successful.

Listen to Kay Sprinkel Grace, renowned author, consultant, and international speaker. The author numerous novels including Beyond Fundraising, and her best-selling book, The Ultimate Board Member's Book. Kay has received the following awards: The AFP Global Fundraising Professional of the Year Award, the AFP Golden Gate Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2013 Henry A. Rosso Medal for lifetime achievement in ethical fundraising from the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and recognition as a Distinguished Fellow by AFP. She has received five awards for her volunteer service at Stanford University, including their highest award, The Gold Spike. She has a built a global career developing the new standard around getting board members involved in fundraising and engagement.  

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