Recording  Version  Email and LP  Exclusive Panel Workshop - Building Successful Fundraising Campaign 8-25-2021 Webinar

Here's your on-demand version of our interactive panel workshop, "Ten Surefire Revenue Boosters for Your Next Golf Fundraiser!"

Exclusive Interactive Panel Workshop 

Building Successful Fundraising Campaigns: Putting the Who, What, Where, & How Into Action! 

Our Featured Panel Includes: 

  • Amanda Hughes, CEO & President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake
  • Chris Fink, Chief Client Success Officer & COO, Arreva

Recorded live on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Join Amanda Hughes, CEO & President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake as she shares step-by-step guidance on building highly successful campaigns.  

  • Learn, step by step, how to build your own powerful campaigns. 
  • Discover how you likely already have all the donors you need for success.
  • Gain insights and advice on best practices for identifying and truly leveraging relationships and connectivity, engaging your board, and growing and engaging your donor base.
  • Hear how you can master the ask, to achieve phenomenal fundraising results with peer-to-peer fundraising, multiple ways to give campaigns, recurring giving campaigns, and blended live and virtual auctions, events, and galas.
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