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Successful Campaign, Event, and Fundraising Strategies by Nonprofit Decision-Makers Preparing for the Future

Recorded Live, Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

View the recorded session here and download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation deck below.

Download the PPT Presentation

An exclusive panel conversation with nonprofit leaders who have achieved remarkable campaign and fundraising success:

  • Kendra Turner, VP of Resource Development at Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County reveals the secrets behind their $190,000 Champions of Youth Gala and their spring campaign targeting $250,000.

  • Geovanny Ragsdale, MIB, CFRE, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of the West Valley, shares time-saving strategies to increase their event success and re-engage donors.

  • Chris Fink, COO of Arreva, shares innovate ideas on event revenue strategies and showcase how nonprofits are maximizing event success nationwide with leading campaign software in discussing donor segmentation and prospect research techniques for greater success with your donor management and engagement.

Don't miss this opportunity with these panelist sharing campaigns and fundraising success. 

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